Previewing ENDMS2: Navigation

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As most know, ENDMS2 is under development and slated for a January 2014 release.  Between now and when I launch the first demo, I wanted to introduce you to some of the new interfaces you will find in ENDMS2.  To get started, let's look at navigation.

The basic structure of the page includes navigation along the top and to the left.  The top includes many of the same functions as the top navigation in ENDMS1 while the left navigation focuses solely on finding and accessing participants.  They also stay in place and do not scroll with the body content.  

The dropdown showing "All Active Participants" provides access to active and archived Rosters and Groups.  Upon selection, the list of participants below the dropdown changes appropriately.  If a participant is selected, the list of forms will expand below the participant's name.

The body of the home page is still a work in progress, but as you can divine from the page, there will be some social communication tools within ENDMS2 including some task management functions.  The system will also be looking at data and helping remind you when something is wrong and congratulate you when common performance metrics are achieved.