Students in Jonesport Shovel for Their Neighbors

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Some spots in Downeast Maine got up to a foot of new snow. That means more shoveling. But kids from Jonesport-Beals High School volunteered to help those in their community that couldn’t clear their driveways and sidewalks on their own.

Ellic Mottram, JMG Specialist at the high school says, “This is their day off. They’re outside of school. They could have had the time free to themselves and their volunteering to contribute to the community.”

One student says, “These people can’t do it. Someone has to do it for them. I figured I’d come out and help. Be a part of the community.”

These students say their community is important to them. They say, “We care about our community. Our community is just a big family pretty much.”

Mottram says, “One of the unique things about Jonesport-Beals is that it still has a great sense of community. I think it’s important to keep that. It’s lost in so many areas. In a small fishing village like this I think it can stay. It needs to stay.”

Roughly 15 kids showed up at the fire department to start shoveling their way from house to house. Mottram says, “I think it says a lot about the students. It says a lot about their character and the community that has nurtured them.”