Welcome Drew Marsh to the JAG Board of Directors!

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Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is excited to announce that Drew Marsh, Entergy newly appointed Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Office has joined the JAG Board of Directors. This continues the long-standing relationship between JAG, JAG-Louisiana, JAG-Arkansas, JAG-Missouri, and Entergy.

Many years ago, Entergy made its philanthropic and business commitments to workforce development our primary focus in four states – three of which are here in the South. Entergy considered a wide variety of areas to focus on, but they selected workforce development because they believe it is essential to the success of their communities, the people they serve, our states, and the future of Entergy itself.

Entergy has invested tens of millions of dollars over the years in the communities they serve to support their workforce development strategies, specifically ensuring that Entergy supports young people in successfully completing school and developing their employability and technical skills to ensure a successful career.

Entergy is a Fortune 500 integrated energy company that provides power for 3 million customers throughout its operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.