With the Support of Gov. Eric Holcomb, JAG-Indiana Receives Prestigious Award for Exceeding National Performance Standards

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JAG Indiana Supports 6,000 Vulnerable Students Across the State,

Helping them Stay in School, Pursue Secondary Education, & Secure Meaningful Jobs


Indianapolis, IN, October 19, 2020 – Jobs for Indiana’s Graduates (JAG Indiana), serving Indiana’s youth who face significant academic, environmental, and economic challenges, has achieved the prestigious national 5 of 5 Award, meaning they have exceeded Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG’s) highest national performance standards With the support of Governor Eric Holcomb, JAG Indiana is helping the state’s most vulnerable youth succeed in school, post-secondary education, careers, and life.


As part of his commitment to the organization, Governor Holcomb joins 13 other Governors from both major parties in serving on the JAG National Board of Directors. Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) and Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) serve as the Chair and Vice Chair of the organization, which has more Governors on its Board than any organization in the United States, reflecting the value of the program that each has seen in their state.


“We recognize and appreciate Governor Holcomb’s leadership and his efforts to support the JAG program across Indiana. The JAG Indiana team is serving 6,000 students in 136 locations this year due, in large part, to the Governor’s ongoing and unwavering support of the program. We are also thankful for Governor Holcomb’s role on the national JAG Board of Directors, where he served as immediate past Board Chair,” said Ken Smith, President of Jobs for America’s Graduates.


“The 76,000 students that JAG serves across 39 states, including Indiana, have been hit the hardest – and likely will be impacted for the longest – by the COVID-19 pandemic. They need JAG more than ever. Many were experiencing significant barriers before the crisis hit, and now those scenarios are even more acute, given the loss of jobs and income many are facing,” Smith explained. “JAG and JAG Indiana will continue serving the students that need us the most at a time when employability skills are incredibly important in such a difficult job market.”


“Even amid the pandemic, JAG Indiana exceeded the national goals for graduation and employment. The program’s support of students facing a variety of challenges is

inspiring, and JAG Indiana will continue to serve as a lifeline to the most vulnerable youth in our local communities,” said Governor Eric Holcomb.


“Our Indiana JAG program allows students to gain an incredible sense of security, confidence in their abilities and direct support that helps move them successfully to their next level,” said Fred Payne, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD).


Statewide, JAG Indiana serves 6,000 students in 136 locations. JAG Indiana consistently surpasses national outcome standards with an average 95% graduation rate (beating the statewide graduation rate of 87%), an 89% employment rate, and a 90% positive outcomes rate.


Through a combination of mentoring, employability skills instruction, and leadership development activities, JAG has served more than 1.4 million students since its inception 40 years ago. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school closures, JAG has pivoted to virtual and hybrid models to continue providing uninterrupted services to its students.


The JAG model consists of a comprehensive set of services that apply a holistic approach to assisting students and participants. Components include classroom instruction, competency-based Project Based Learning, adult mentoring, summer employment training, student-led leadership development, job, and postsecondary education placement services, and 12-months of follow-up services after high school graduation.


About JAG Indiana


JAG Indiana, a division of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, provides essential support and the employability skills students need to be successful in the workforce. JAG Indiana is a state affiliate of Jobs for America’s Graduates, the longest running and most successful school-to-career transition program in the country.


About Jobs for America’s Graduates


Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a national nonprofit that has been reaching our nation’s most underserved youth for 40 years. The JAG National Network has a footprint in 39 states, across 1,450+ communities, impacting more than 76,000 youth annually who consistently achieve outstanding results, including a 95% graduation rate. JAG graduates are 230% more likely to be employed full-time compared to their peers, and twice as likely to go to college.