Janelle Duray – Executive Vice President

Janelle Duray has over ten years of experience in education and workforce development consulting and nonprofit management. She serves as the Executive Vice President of Jobs for America’s Graduates, a national nonprofit that has served 1.5million youth since its inception 40 years ago, and currently serves 75,000 youth across 1,450 communities. In her role, Janelle oversees internal and external departments, working closely with JAG’s President and the JAG National Board of Directors Members to support JAG Affiliates in program implementation. Janelle collaborates states leaders, including Governors, Chief State School Officers and Commissioners of Workforce Development and Labor, to provide critical services to youth and young adults through the JAG Model program. Janelle also oversees JAG’s national partnerships, working to develop strategic relationships that expand beyond financial development to fully engage JAG students and employer partners for more meaningful impact and engagement at the programmatic, local level. Finally, in her role at JAG, Janelle is a key resource to JAG’s 40 State Affiliates, supporting their organizational development and strategic direction to maintain fidelity to the JAG Model and our students.

Janelle received her Masters of Arts in Public Administration from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and her Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Prior to her time at JAG, Janelle held positions at the Association of American Law Schools and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s office.

Outside of JAG, Janelle enjoys traveling, concerts, good wine and musing about the cosmos.